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No More Sexual Assault

YWCA Actively Involved in National Sexual Assault Awareness
and Publicity Campaign

NOMORELOGOThe YWCA Greater Los Angeles is proud to support the NO MORE campaign during this upcoming Sexual Assault Awareness Month and all year long. The issues of sexual assault and domestic violence have a long-lasting impact on not only survivors but their loved ones and our communities at large.

“Imagine a person who experiences an incident of sexual assault/domestic violence the morning before going to work. How does that person cope and function as they go through their work day? Where does this person go for help? How does this person manage and heal from the emotional, mental, and physical symptoms associated with this experience?” expresses Sheetal Chib, Director, YWCA GLA Sexual Assault Crisis Services.

Recognizing the need for public awareness and education of bystanders, the NO MORE campaign was founded in 2013 to amplify the power of the domestic violence and sexual assault movement while driving awareness and breaking down the barriers of stigma, silence, and shame that keep people from talking about these issues and taking action to prevent them. The powerful commercials (one of which aired during the 2016 Super Bowl), Social Media campaigns, and informational/educational tools all use the signature blue symbol to increase visibility for domestic violence and sexual assault.

“It is vastly important to address the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence and promote awareness. A victim of sexual assault or domestic violence could be someone you work with. A neighbor, a friend, a family member. It is important to facilitate awareness and engage in dialogue in order to remove the shame and stigma surrounding the issues. By removing the stigma and talking about it, we provide safe spaces for survivors to gain the support they need and we change our culture to be one that denounces violence in all forms. It is essential to bring awareness campaigns such as NO MORE to the public so we can create a society and a world without violence,” continues Chib.

NO MORE was created as a platform for those working to end domestic violence/sexual assault, in the belief that greater dialogue will fuel enhanced funding for direct service, advocacy and prevention. At the YWCA Greater Los Angeles, Sexual Assault Crisis Services staff and volunteers work tirelessly to educate and bring awareness to local school, churches, and community agencies. The NO MORE campaign is an effective tool to assist with these efforts.

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