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Membership Matters: Meet Naaki Asafu-Adjaye, YWCA GLA Member since 2014

naakiwebMembers of the YWCA Greater Los Angeles add their voice to the thousands of others who have gone before us and those who are currently fighting for justice impacting those we serve. When you choose to join as a member, you become part of a 120 year long history with an opportunity to shape tomorrow for our community. Keep reading to hear from two current YWCA Greater Los Angeles members on why Membership Matters:

Why does the mission of the YWCA Greater Los Angeles resonate with you? Women have been on the back bench for so many years and have often been trampled upon. I love an organization that empowers women. We can aspire to greatness. I love that the YWCA tells us whatever we want to do, we can rise to greater heights. When I was growing up, my father told me to make my own way and depend on myself for money. The YWCA is helping women do that. I came to America for a better life. I heard much of this great nation. It is not easy to come here as an immigrant but whatever I have been through is important and has helped me become the woman I am. The YWCA helps eliminate racism. We are ALL one in America and the sooner we all see that and feel that – the better.

You have volunteered for the YWCA. Why would you encourage other members to be involved through volunteering? I encourage women to be a part of what is going on around us. We need to be mentors and need to be informed. Volunteering with various events and programs at the YWCA allows you to do that. My experience with volunteering has had great impact on my life.

We need to bring in others and help financially and give of our time. This will ease the burden on the YWCA and allow them to do more. Why wouldn’t someone want to be part of this great organization and this very important work? I tell people and encourage them to join all the time. It’s a great cause.

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