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Members Join Together to Impact

Since its founding in 1895, the YWCA Greater Los Angeles has operated as a
membership organization where a focused YMembershipSocialMediamission to empower the lives of women and families poured out from the strength of many voices. Rooted in advocacy and emboldened to impact change, the membership of the YWCA has radically impacted legislation both locally and nationally over these many years.

Over the course of history, the membership of the YWCA has been a symbol of hope pursuing the rights of women and families, fighting on the frontlines of some of our nation’s greatest issues like Civil Rights and fair wages,” shares Laureen O’Hara, Development Manager. “Today, our collective voice works together to continue fighting for legislation which impacts those we serve. Issues related to sexual assault and financial empowerment and many more are met head on by staff and volunteers who represent solidarity from our membership – a gathering of diverse individuals who all choose to add their voice to the fight for empowerment.”

Become a member today. There are many options for individuals who want to join the YWCA Greater Los Angeles membership. There are various levels of support, all equally important to the organization and mission. Additionally, members receive invitations to YWCA Greater Los Angeles events, meetings, and mixers providing opportunities for members to meet each other.

“If you wonder if your voice matters, it does. What begins as a stream, a mere trickle, can explode into a tidal wave, a deafening force to be reckoned with. This is what you get in return when you become a member of the YWCA Greater Los Angeles – the satisfaction of becoming part of history and shaping the future. One voice alone may not be as powerful but history has proven that when we join together, movement happens. As a member, you are an advocate, a supporter, a friend,” continues O’Hara.

Become a member and take the membership pledge today!

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When you join as a member or renew at the next level, you become an advocate, a supporter, a friend.  You directly contribute to the development of our community and enrich the lives of those around us. History has proven that when we join together, powerful movement happens.


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