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Fred Williams, Los Angeles Job Corps Center Director

FredWebFred brings nearly 14 years of experience working at various Job Corps centers across the country to his current position. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Fred has also worked as the Director of YSC Youth Correctional Department and the Department of Justice within the juvenile correctional system.

What is your vision for the future of Los Angeles Job Corps?
Job Corps is vital to our community because of the lifeline of resources provided to our youth who benefit immensely by obtaining new skills and education. My vision for the Los Angeles Job Corps center is to continue to grow as a productive learning environment which provides a safe residential living component as well as superior customer service to students and staff.

How does Job Corps address the emerging and changing needs of the workforce
Being an active member in the Community Relations Council and Industry Relations Council, we are able to dialogue with local employers to identify their changing needs. Information gleaned from these relationships ensure that we are providing students with necessary vocational and academic training as well as soft skills employers are looking for today. Additionally, these meetings allow us the opportunity to introduce potential employers to our program and students and often the door opens for internships, work-based learning and employment.

How can employers partner with Job Corps for their employment needs?
Most of our students are from the local community. Employers that hire locally increase the income in their community which in turn increases their revenue potential. We encourage local companies to be active members of our Community and Industry Relations Councils and partner with us as Work Based Learning sites, providing opportunities for students to be hired as a result of a positive internship period.

What is something interesting about you that others might not know?
I love to travel and am spontaneous by nature. I love a challenge and you can find me cheering for a number of sports teams year round.

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