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Anthony Robinson, Los Angeles Job Corps Deputy Center Director

RobinsonwebFor more than 14 years, Anthony has worked for the Job Corps organization. He has served in various capacities at three different centers as well as with an Outreach Admission/CTS Contractor.

Why does the mission of the YWCA Greater Los Angeles resonate with you?

Helping others help themselves has been a motto I have lived by for my entire adult life. I have come to understand my purpose for working in this arena is to build strong communities through building self-reliance and transforming the lives of our youth. I believe our youth are the future and if we do not educate and train them well then racism, belittling of women and lack of peace and justice will continue to destroy our communities for generations to come.

What experiences do you bring that will further propel the mission?
As an outside-the-box thinker, I have been able to excel through the ranks of Job Corps and have served as a Director of Programs and Social Development at several centers. The knowledge and experience I have obtained has allowed me to grasp a real understanding of the program. Through my path, I believe the most valuable characteristic I possess is the ability to communicate our mission which allows me to develop partnerships to further the cause of the program. These partnerships have led to exposing our youth to opportunities they could not dream possible.

How does Job Corps address the needs of each individual student and prepare them for the workforce?
The Job Corps’ concept is to train the whole person. Not only do we provide academic and career technical training skills, but also we educate on soft skills needed for successful careers. The program individualizes this holistic training by developing a personal career development plan with a group of professionals who work with the young person to develop this plan and evaluate it every 60 days.

What is something interesting about you that others might not know?
I enjoy cooking, water sports and spending time networking to further our cause. I am a strong advocate for the youth and truly love the work I do.

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