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Youth Services

Workforce development is implemented through two premier programs – Youth Empowerment & Leadership at the Career Training Academy.

Empowerment Centers provide K-12 youth with academic enrichment and Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) instruction after school in the Edison International Computer Lab. Prevention education and life skills ensure youth have the necessary tools to make healthy choices, build confidence, achieve their dreams and enrich their communities. Empowerment Centers offer engaging workshops and free summer lunches, ensuring that children have a “safe space to live, learn and grow” while receiving nutritious meals when schools are closed for summer break. 

The Career Training Academy provides young women an opportunity to enter or rejoin the workforce, overcoming barriers and learning skills in an office environment. They participate in workshops on such topics as professional attire standards, resume-building, employment searches, interview performance (with mock interviews), and career maintenance.


Community NEED

With competition for well-paying jobs on the rise in the Greater Los Angeles area, it is even more crucial that individuals are prepared with appropriate workplace skills. For individuals to stand out from the crowd of applicants, not only must they possess employment and education skills but they also must have strong “soft skills” for successful careers. One goal of the Youth Services/Workforce Empowerment program is to provide tools to build leadership skills and self-confidence while achieving individual dreams and enriching communities. Another is to assist participants in securing new careers through training in various skills such as computer skills training, resume writing, and interview techniques.