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Sexual Assault

YWCA Greater Los Angeles / Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Crisis Services

The YWCA Greater Los Angeles Sexual Assault Services provides comprehensive services for all survivors of sexual assault, rape, human sex trafficking, and other forms of sexual violence.

We pledge to honor survivors who have broken their silence and support victims who have yet to use their voices. Our program seeks to improve the quality of life for those victimized by sexual violence and to provide awareness and education to the community about the impact of sexual violence. Our program works closely with the community as a central resource for improving society’s response to these crimes.

The YWCA GLA integrates clinical services across the organization to ensure that clients meet their personal goals. Our services are truly holistic and inclusive

Community NEED

Even though rape, human sex trafficking, and sexual violence are underreported, it is estimated that one in four women have been victimized by sexual violence. Supportive services offered by the YWCA Greater Los Angeles at three community rape crisis centers and through a satellite office at California State University, Long Beach, are crucial. A wide range of trauma symptoms impact survivors, interfering with caregiving obligations, the pursuit of goals, and the ability to hold a job. The cumulative impact increases the likelihood of stress-related illnesses.

One goal of Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) is to provide comprehensive crisis intervention services 24 hours a day to survivors of sexual violence to help them access medical care and forensic medical exams and, if they choose, to file reports with the criminal and civil justice systems. Another goal is to provide ongoing emotional support through accompaniment, advocacy, case management, and counseling to recover from, and cope with, their traumatic experiences. Responding to the needs of underserved communities impacted by sexual violence has been a priority of the YWCA Greater Los Angeles for 36 years.

In March 2020, SACS integrated virtual services, offering online sexual assault classes, workshops, certification training, and human trafficking seminars led by staff members and advocates. Our victim/survivor service professionals worked steadily throughout the year to share trauma-informed practices for working with sexually assaulted children and adults to identify our positive impact on victims.

Sexual Assault 24 Hotline # 1-877 – YHELPSU