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May Chen Tham

YWCA Greater Los Angeles / May Chen Tham

May Chen Tham 

Executive Secretary to CEO
YWCA Greater Los Angeles

May Chen Tham began her career at YWCA Greater Los Angeles in February 1993, as Executive Secretary to the CEO.  Through hard work, dedication, and a passion to take on challenges, she was promoted to the position of Board Liaison and is now Special Projects Manager.

As Special Projects Manager, May Chen successfully managed completion of three (3) new construction projects, namely,

  1. Union Pacific Empowerment Center, East Los Angeles (completed in 2009)
  2. Faye Washington Youth Empowerment Center AKA Urban Campus Building, Downtown Los Angeles (completed in 2011)
  3. Supervisor Gloria Molina Community Empowerment Center, Walnut Park (completed in 2014)

Under her supervision, May Chen also completed renovation projects, that included:

  1. The facelift of Angeles Mesa Empowerment Center (painted building’s exterior) aligning it with the branding of other YWCA Greater Los Angeles Empowerment Centers (March 2015).
  2. Repainting of building’s exterior at Union Pacific Empowerment Center in 2016.
  3. Renovation of Hollywood Studio Club dorm rooms and floors to provide Bridge Housing for a total of 125 homeless women.  Renovation was completed in two phases – 3rd floor in September 2018 and 2nd floor in February 2020. 
  4. Conversion of a natatorium (swimming pool) to a program space for multi-generational use at Angeles Mesa site.  This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

May Chen works closely with architects, contractors, consultants, vendors, and local government agencies.  She is a team player with good work ethics and an asset to the organization.  She represents Faye Washington, as proxy, on the Board of Directors of South Park Business Improvement District.  

Any assignment taken on by her is completed timely and efficiently as she takes ownership and pride to get the job done.  

Originally from Bombay, India, and born to Chinese parents, May Chen earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Bombay and a Diploma from the YWCA of Bombay.  She is a world traveler and expert in three languages. May Chen brings an international flair along with a deep institutional understanding of the YWCA’s mission and programmatic impact to the benefit of all her projects.